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Having been and brought up the in the UK, it was very sad to see the riots and the looting happen. Over 70% of those that have been arrested are in the 11 to 24 age group and there is speculation that the majority of those involved are unemployed.   I don't want to start an argument on why this rioting happened, but I have been wondering:

(1) why the youth did not care for their actions. I actually heard on the BBC radio that teenagers weren't worried about going to jail and there weren't any place in jail for them anyway. Some even said that their parents would just scold them for their actions!

(2) why has society broken down and the individual become so engrossed in consumerism. Did yo notice that those looting were targeting certain stores?

In the aftermath, it was good to see the community rallying to clean up the mess and fight against the "scum". But perhaps they should also reflect on how to get the youth busy and engaged; make them feel part of the community. Government can only do so much. Why not get the business community to be part of the community. It could be starting a programme to get underprivileged teens into activities they choose to like, rather than what we think they like, volunteering, or offering work placements to disadvantaged groups.  I think this is what we should do in Singapore as well :-)
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