15/30 The Capsule Wardrobe

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You may know, you may not know, but there have been lots of initiatives by bloggers to wear one dress for the whole year with the aim of raising awareness on sustainability. I'm not sure who was the pioneer but there have been a lot of one dress a year projects. I do remember Sheena Matheiken coming to Singapore to give a talk about her's.

I stumbled upon the 15/30 The Capsule Wardrobe set up by T like Bubble Tea. Rather than take one year, let's take 30 days. It's started already, but what's to stop us from starting now?

You can wear:
  1. Any 15 pieces from your wardrobe for 30 days
  2. Accessories (incl. hats, scarves) /gym clothes/pyjamas/socks are NOT included in the 15 pieces
  3. No shopping for 1 month
  4. DIY on the existing 15 pieces is permitted
  5. Be creative! Have fun! 
I think if you document the whole month, you'll see that you really DO have something to wear, and perhaps it will stop you from staring blankly at your wardrobe wondering what to put on! AND I think you'll realise that you don't need that many clothes after all :-)

A lot of refashionistas already DIY and don't shop (although I must admit I was nearly tempted into buying an Orla Kiely garment at Uniqlo), but I'm not sure about the 15 pieces restriction part :-)  If you're keen on starting, you might want to hop over to T like Bubble Tea's blog :-)

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